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Yay for updateness!!

Oct. 25th, 2006 | 10:01 pm

Alright!!!! PLAYLIST HATH BEEN UPDATED!!! I have 600 more songs on it then last time XDXDXD

Now expect 56 Songs for the Halloween Rotation, and expect them up soon :3

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Oct. 14th, 2006 | 01:27 pm


Okay back into the swing of things~ I'll probably start updating this bi-monthly/whenever-I-feel-like-it-which-will-hopefully-be-often

So here's the theme for next time :D~


This is a joint theme with my bff's rotation~ mjolka She will focus of the rock side and I will focus on the pop side~~~

Now whether these songs are about Candy, Trick or Treating, Murder, Ghosts, they will be up here!! yay!!

P.S. Playlist is open I will be updating that later this week end as well because my current song count is around 2200~ PLAYLIST YAY :D Comment with request here ^_^

(P.P.S. I'm going to change the layout please help pick a colour scheme~~~ White, Red, Green, Blue or Pink!)

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Aug. 16th, 2006 | 09:19 pm
EMOTE: tiredtired


I was going to do this tomorrow but who knows what the first day of school will do to me? I'll probably be hiding in my room from the horror *wince face*

So here's the theme for next week :D~


Whether they be covers of japanese songs or american ones~ I will have quite a few~ *sweatdrops* And I will try to find all the originals! *looks determined* Because I think it'd be cool to compare the original song to the cover~ There might be a late ammendment XD If my friend from ze_quirkism doesn't get her internet back before then~

P.S. Playlist is open for a while ^_^ But I have a feeling that I will have a ton of songs lined up already for uploading so I might not keep it open for long~ Request one or two please~ PLAYLIST YAY :D Comment with request here ^_^

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Aug. 14th, 2006 | 04:59 pm
EMOTE: exhaustedexhausted

THEME: CRACKY SONGS THAT STAY IN YOUR HEAD FOREVER (plus a few other that are just crack)

RULEZ: 1)Comment if you take anything thankuu/plz // 2)Delete after 24 hours *cough >.> ^_^'''* // 3)Try new things~ You never know what you might like~

EDIT: Duck's Magical Adventure and ChOOse mE or Die are now working on MegaUpload~ Thank you logvm for informing me of the broken links~ I KNOW that there are more, but I don't know which one's they are >.> So if you come across more PLEASE TELL ME SO I CAN FIX THEM ^_^ Thank you~ (And I'll go through and try and see which ones just disappeared off the project file list on savefile.com O.o)

EDIT of an EDIT: Okay I think I got them all 8D~~ And for this post only if the MegaUpload download dies I will re-upload~ okay sorry for the earlier inconvience~ (P.S. I totally saw that Kanojo was downloaded 11 times XD~~)

Alright I'll alternate j-pop artist, j-rock artist until I run out of one or the other~

Let's BeginCollapse )

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Old Test Entry~Now Welcome Entry

Aug. 14th, 2006 | 01:52 pm
EMOTE: amusedamused

Hello and Welcome To Zatsuon Din~
Zatsuon meaning noise (like fingernails on chalkboard ew noise) and Din meaning a bunch of sounds that clash sounding at the same time~

This is going to be a J-pop and J-rock rotation journal~ Because I love them both equally and the same~ ♥
As odd as that sounds XD

Anyway I've put up my playlist already~ (it's friends only >.>) And now I'm working on the first post

THEME: Cracky Songs That Get Stuck in Your Head Forever (plus other songs that are just cracky)

Which is why the wonderful Morning Musume is gracing the layout XD ~In the costumes of the crackiest song that will be on the list~

This first post will be open to the public but after that they will all be friends only ^_^' I think I will upload these files to Savefile so they stay there forever~

But anyway~ Until I finish compiling the cracky song list~ Adieu

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