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A Melting Pot of J-Pop and J-Rock

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Yo~ This is the Music Rotation Journal of itsumo_ame ^_^~ It is literally a melting pot of japanese rock and pop music, because as odd as it sounds I love both equally and the same~ Every post will be themed and I will open up requests from my playlist from time to time~ Once a week posts is what I will try to achieve ^_^' Cheer me on :D

1) As in every music rotation delete the song as soon as possible(24, 72 hours ish) and buy the music~ At the bottom I have links to places you can find it~ If you support the artist SHOW IT ^_^
2) COMMENT PLZ/THX It makes me feel very loved, and I was need love T__T
3) Friend the journal!! Other than the first music post this will be friends only~ Because if you friend, even if you don't comment I know you download music once upon a time ^_^'''''

ze_quirkism--AWESOME ROTATION JOURNAL last post had 100+ songs on it and it will blow you away XD It's mostly J-rock/Indie music. You will find similar J-Rock there because well we're always sending each other music XD

{AFFIE with me~ Just leave a comment on the latest post ^_^~ Both J-Pop and J-Rock Journals/Communities are welcome~ :D}

Info Idea~ze_quirkism XD
Server~Save File and MegaUpload(subject to change)

I am not the creator of this music! Plz Buy! Here are some useful sites to get the music I upload:
-Japan Files
-CD Japan